Zebra Long Range Scanner DS3608 -ER 2D USB


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Zebra DS3608 2D - ER Long Range 1D/2D Handheld Corded – Scanner, Rugged, Area Imager, Extended Ranger

  • 2D Industrial Area Imager
  • Corded Scanner
  • Extended Scan Range

The Zebra Scanner DS3608 ER is a high-performance handheld barcode scanner designed for rugged environments and demanding scanning applications. It's long-range barcode scanning capability is designed to easily capture barcode information from a significant distance. Utilising advanced area imaging technology, this scanner can accurately read barcodes on items situated up to 2 metres away, making it ideal for applications where proximity scanning is not feasible or efficient.

Whether in industrial warehouses, retail environments, or outdoor settings, this scanner ensures rapid and reliable data collection, enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining inventory management. Its extended range capabilities, coupled with rapid scanning speeds, empower businesses to optimise their workflows, minimise errors, and maintain real-time visibility over their assets even from a distance.

The DS3608 Scanner is capable of lightning fast capture of small and dense 1D and 2D barcodes common in electronics and medical equipment manufacturing as well as standard printed barcodes in virtually any condition; a multicode feature that can capture up to 20 barcodes on one label simultaneously.

USB Cable not included


Zebra DS3608 - ER Specification Sheet

Zebra DS3600 Series Scanner Brochure

Zebra DS3608 Scanner Series Manual

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