Topaz SignatureGem LCD 4x3 Signature Capture Pad S-T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R


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Topaz SignatureGem LCD 4x3 Signature Capture Pad S-T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R

The SignatureGem LCD 4x3 Signature Capture Pad S-T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R LCD by Topaz is a medium-sized electronic signature pad that offers pressure sensitivity at an affordable price point. It features a transflective LCD display that showcases "electronic ink" beneath the pen tip during signing. The large signing area and durable tempered glass construction make it an adaptable pad suitable for demanding applications.

Included secure software APIs enhance user interaction by enabling features such as interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots, along with checkboxes for screen navigation and preference selection. The S-T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R SigLite LCD 4x3 allows signatures to be seen both on the signature pad and the computer screen.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3rd-generation touch-screen signing surface for cost efficiency
  • LCD 4x3 Tempered Glass Display
  • Shows the signature on the Signature Pad & Computer Screen
  • Dual USB/Serial  Higher Speed Edition
  • High-quality biometric and forensic capture
  • Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost for complete signing and signature solution customisation techniques

Warranty: 2 Years

Topaz T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R Brochure

Topaz Universal User Guide

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