Topaz 4x5 Backlit LCD Signature Pad S-T-LBK766SE-BHSB-R


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Topaz 4x5 Backlit LCD Electronic Signature Capture Pad LBK766SE-BHSB-R Backlit, High Speed Edition
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SignatureGem® LCD 4x5 (T-LBK766SE-BHSB-R) is the largest, most rugged electronic signature capture pad from Topaz.

It has all the high-quality electronic signature capture features of Topaz signature pads, but also has the added feature of a backlit LCD interactive display, allowing users to see "electronic ink" under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate and display text and graphics.

The LBK766SE-BHSB-R (High Speed Edition) has a large signing area and also a rugged signing surface which make this a versatile pad for the most demanding applications.

It features a tempered glass Backlit LCD display. The LBK766SE-BHSB-R models show the signature on the signature pad, as well as the computer screen.

Customisable large QVGA TFT LCD display


High Quality Capture Techniques


3 year warranty

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