SEWOO Thermal Receipt SLK-TS400 Printer USB/ETH


Sale price$368.00

SEWOO Thermal Receipt SLK-TS400 Printer with USB and Ethernet

The SLK-TS400 receipt printer has a contemporary design with a small footprint. The TS400 opens from the front (instead of the top).
This allows the printer to fit into smaller vertical spaces which is helpful when placing a printer into a small space.


  • Compact size
  • Top & Front exit available
  • Easy Replacement of Components (Tool-less)
  • ESC/POS command compatible
  • Jam free design
  • Wall mount installation available
  • Model : SLK-TS400
  • Colour : Black
  • 220mm/sec print speed

Warranty : 24 Months

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