Mylar Card 0.25mm Adhesive Back - CR80 size 82267 Pkt 100

HIDSKU: C-HD-82267

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Mylar Adhesive Backed Card 0.25mm Adhesive Back - CR80 Size

Thicker and stronger backing than standard paper backed adhesive cards, designed for re-transfer card printing.

Mylar Adhesive Backed Card 0.25mm (10mil) CR80 Size. Sticky PVC Labels for placement on Access Control Cards.

Size: CR80 (85.5mm x 54.01mm)
Thickness: 0.25mm (10mil)
Product Code: C-82267 (CR80 Size - Credit card size)
  • White
  • Unrivalled graphic quality cards
  • Optically inspected
  • Adhesive mylar backed
  • CR80 size - 10 mil thickness
  • Compatible with the following brands of printers:
  • Datacard
  • Evolis
  • Fargo
  • Magicard
  • Nisca
  • Zebra
  • Glossy and scratch free cards to extend printhead life
  • For use with dye sublimation printers
  • Adhesive cards with mylar backing
  • 14 mil thick mylar backing with a 10 mil thick PVC card
  • Among the highest-quality cards available today
Pack: 100

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