Smart Reader Mifare/Proximity Dual Frequency 101UM_UID_G6

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Mifare/Proximity Dual Frequency 101UM_UID_G6 Smart card Reader

Mifare contactless card and Proximity card reader. Windows, Linux and Android -OTG operating system plug and play interface. This affordable scanner reads the unique Mifare serial number (CSN) &  Card Sector (please contact us if you would like to read a specific card sector), on a Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, and Mifare Plus Cards, Key fobs, Wristbands and Mifare Adhesive discs. 

Very popular with card printing solutions in Schools and Offices.

The 101UM-G6-USB Dual Frequency reader combines Proximity and Mifare contactless technologies into one reader. It is a desktop reader that is capable of reading both 13.56 MHz contactless cards and 125 kHz 26 bit proximity cards. The plug & play reader is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android-OTG operating system.   It emulates a keyboard to input the CSN of the card into a selected field on screen, without the need to hit "enter".

The Output Format for the 101UM_UID_G6BT is Decimal Reverse by default, but this reader can be changed to other formats. The output format can be changed by pushing the toggle at back of the reader or by G6 Config and firmware update programmer. There are 5 default output formats that can be chosen by pushing the toggle. User custom format can be configured by G6 Config and firmware update Programmer. Please contact us prior to despatch if you require a specific output card sector format.


Voltage: DC5V 
Current: <80mA 
Operating Temperature Range: -20℃~+60℃ 
Operating Humidity Range: 10%~95% 
Dimensions: 103mm*68mm*11mm, Cable Length: 100mm 
Reading Speed:<200ms 
Supported Cards: ISO14443 Type A、ISO14443 Type B、125KHz

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