MIFARE Classic 1K S50 RFID White Isolation Adhesive Round Discs Pkt 20

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RFID MIFARE Classic 1K White PVC Disc 22mm Diameter with Isolation Adhesive

MIFARE Classic 1K White PVC RFID Discs, 22mm in diameter, feature an isolation adhesive designed for effective attachment to metal surfaces. Unlike typical RFID tags, these smart adhesive discs can be securely affixed to various surfaces, including metal. Operating within the 13.56 MHz frequency range, they offer read/write capabilities and comply with ISO 14443 standards. These versatile Smart Adhesive Discs are great for access control, photocopiers, gyms, libraries, and offices.

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 22mm Diameter
  • Operating In The 13.56MHz Frequency Range with Read/Write Capability
  • ISO 14443 Compliant
  • 1 kByte, organised into 16 sectors 
  • Each Smart RFID disc has a unique serial number
  • Can be used for attaching to Metal surfaces

Pack: 30

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