Matica XID YMCKK Colour Ribbon DIC10217

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Matica XID YMCKK Colour Ribbon DIC10217 YMCKK, 5 panel colour ribbon

Ribbon: Ribbon: YMCKK - yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for colours and a (K) black monochrome resin panel with an extra (K) panel for printing black monochrome text/barcodes on the back for dual sided printing.

Suits: XID 8300, XID 9300, XID8600, XID580ie and XID580i Reverse Image Retransfer ID Card printers.  Auto ribbon detection when used in XID 5xxi/ie series printers.

Please note: * Requires retransfer film

Product Code: DIC10217

Yield: 750 images (Dual sided printing)

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