Large Parking Permit Adhesive Back Clear Holder for Windshields (100 pack)


Sale price$125.00

Large Clear Flexible Plastic Parking Permit Adhesive Back Holder for Windshields (Pack of 100)

Larger than the usual size, this clear, adhesive-backed Parking Permit Holder will securely display a parking permit or other notification on a car windscreen. 

Since the flexible plastic parking permit holder is weather-resistant, it will ensure your permit stays in pristine condition. Simply attach the Clear Plastic Adhesive Backed Holder to the car windscreen and insert the permit into the pocket.

  • Insert Size: 85mm x 100mm
  • Size:  90mm x 112mm
  • Self Adhesive Back
  • Adheres to Windshields
  • Holds Parking Permits, Slips etc

    100 pack

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