IDNow Site Licence Card Creation Software


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IDNow Site Licence Card Creation Software

IDNow Site licence Version is designed to cater for large companies or organisations.

IDNow Site licence Version allows the user to use the software on a network on a site, with numerous end users. The benefits of purchasing the IDNow site licence is that the software can be loaded onto multiple computers at one site and is more cost effective than purchasing a copy for each computer at the site. IDNow is a powerful software program designed to produce plastic ID cards under the Windows operating system. The features of the Professional version are outlined below. All IDNow database fields (30) may be either free text entry fields or dropdown lists. Any combination of both is catered for. Ability to generate barcodes based on an auto-incremented number as well as in whole or part based on any other field in the database. Fixed or variable prefix/suffix is also supported. Support for common library system check digits is also available. Works with any model card, label or paper printer that has a Windows driver. Full support for double sided printing if your card printer supports it as well as hopper selection. Optional basic security options that allow you to give your staff access to only certain functions or restrict which database fields they can see. Automatic logout after x minutes of inactivity option. A database is maintained of all relevant details to be printed on each card as well as a print history. SQL Server 2000 may optionally be used for the IDNow database (SQL Server not supplied). Support for external databases to be used as a Read Only source for Card Details, including photographs, signatures and/or fingerprints stored in the database. Database formats currently supported include Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, DBase 5, Oracle 8 and any defined ODBC database source. IDNow may be used to capture and store photographs, signatures and/or fingerprints linked back to the external data source. Photographs, signatures and/or fingerprints may be stored in the IDNow database or individually on any local or network hard disk drive. If stored separately any IDNow field may be used to link the images. Create and open multiple databases. Labelling of database fields is fully customisable. Each database entry may have a different card layout assigned to it. Printing may be done on an individual or batch basis. Support for printing cards with no data associated with them, including auto incrementing membership type numbers as either text, barcode and/or magnetic stripe. Full import of all database fields. Data source may be tab or comma delimited text file or Access database. Photographs, signatures, fingerprint images and templates may be imported from an Access database also. Card layouts may automatically be assigned based on the data being imported. Full export of all data to tab or comma delimited text file. Photographs, signatures and fingerprint images may also be exported. Fingerprint templates are not exportable. Data manipulation functions. Photograph conversion functions. Photographs may be sourced from: - Digital video cameras via USB or firewire (I-Link). Requires that DirectX 9.0 or better be installed. This option will not work with Windows NT4. - Digital still cameras via twain interface (direct connection to some Kodak DCxxx cameras is built in) - Later model Canon digital still cameras. - Some analogue video cameras via a capture card. - Any Windows compliant MCI device (web type cameras). - Disk files. - Photographs may optionally be saved at original size (high resolution) and IDNow will either resize or crop to suit for printing and display purposes. Digital signatures may be sourced from scanners or writing tablets. Direct support for Topaz signature pads built in. Fingerprints may be sourced from any scanner that can write the fingerprint image to a disk file. Direct support for Topaz IDGem and ACS AET60 scanners for both fingerprint image and templates. Shortcut keys to enable quick acquisition of photographs and printing. Full network support for databases and photographs/signatures/fingerprints using either mapped or UNC paths. Visitor badge production and management option (included). Backup and Restore for database/s and images is provided. Context sensitive on-line help. Free updates for registered users for the life of the software (site licences may have an annual support charge).

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