IDNow Lite Card Production Software

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IDNow Lite Card Production Software

IDNow card production software is perfect for small to medium organisations to produce Photo Identity cards, Membership cards, Event cards and more.

IDNow is a Lite software program designed to produce plastic ID cards under the Windows operating system. 

Compatibility: Windows 11, Window 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows XP, Windows Vista

Not sure which IDNow version to buy?  A PDF version of the IDNow specifications (Version Matrix) can be downloaded here.

Card Layout Designer

WYSIWYG - Objects that may be placed on cards are:

- Text- Database fields

- Shapes, both rectangular and round

- Barcodes based on any database field

- Magnetic stripe on any track based on any database field

- Images. Optionally printed with a transparent background colour

- Photograph

- Digital Signature

- Fingerprint Image

- Card Issue and Expiry Dates based on date card printed

- Any image may be used as a card background

- PDF417 and Data Matrix 2D barcodes

- Concatenate Title/First/Last, First/Last, Title/First and Preferred or First/Last names on printed cards

- Fingerprint template may be output to 2D barcode

- Text, database and date/time fields can use any font on your system. Size, colour, position, rotation and shadow are all fully customisable

- 5 levels of Undo

- Rulers (sliders) to allow objects to be left, right, top, bottom or centre aligned

CCIQ QAssure Accredited Supplier # 12019

GITC Accreditation #Q-5684

Contact IDCW on 02 9651 6000 Fax: 02 9651 6044


IDNow Trial Software: IDNow Trial Version

IDNow Update: IDNow Update version 6.0.207

IDNow Versions (Version Matrix): IDNow Versions

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