Expiring Visitor Book - Full Exp & "Sign out" Stub

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Expiring Visitor Book - Full Expiring with "Sign out" Stub with Duplicates- VS-813F-D

Visitor Pass Registry books with Full Expiring Badges with 3/4 inch Sign out Stub Duplicate. Book of 400 Expiring Visitor Labels. Labels expiry in one day. Personalise your visitor book with your own Logo As visitors sign in, the system creates a self-adhesive badge and a visitor log at the same time. The visitor wears the I.D. badge (visitor sticker), which tells everyone they have signed in. The visitor log serves as permanent record of everyone that’s been in your facility.

Valid today Void tomorrow

Yield: 400


No Suffix means TAB EXPIRING

NE - Non Expiring

  - Full Expiring

D  - Duplicate

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