Entrust Datacard 532000-053 Black Monochrome Ribbon - 1500 Prints

DatacardSKU: R-D-532000-053

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Datacard 532000-053 Black High Quality (K HQ) Monochrome Ribbon Kit

The Datacard 532000-053 is a high quality, high yield (1500 prints) Black Monochrome Ribbon for use in Datacard SD and SP series printers.

Included in the ribbon kit is one cleaning card and one adhesive cleaning sleeve.

For use with the following Datacard printers:
SP25 & SP25 Plus - requires firmware update
SP35 & SP35 Plus - requires firmware update
SP55 & SP55 Plus - requires firmware update
SP75 & SP75 Plus - requires firmware update
Printer firmware version must be 2.0 or higher 

Ribbon: Resin K HQ Monochrome Ribbon
Kit Contains: Ribbon, Cleaning Card and Cleaning Roller
Item Code: 532000-053
Yield: 1500 Prints

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