Element P130BT 2D Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Black

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The Element P130BT 2D Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner delivers swift, omni-directional scanning of 1D, 2D, Postal, and OCR barcodes, all accomplished with remarkable speed. Its wide-ranging capabilities encompass an extensive field of view and a Bluetooth working range of 10 metres in open spaces.

With its upright cradle configuration, this scanner allows for hands-free operation and presentation mode, enhancing user convenience. Designed with ergonomics in mind, it offers a comfortable grip, ensuring user comfort and productivity during prolonged scanning sessions.

The Element P130BT stands out for its ability to reliably scan barcodes from mobile phone screens and its compatibility with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows PC/tablets. This scanner is adept at meeting the diverse requirements of various scanning applications.

Key Features:

  • Advanced hardware-independent decoding technology for top-notch performance
  • Long scanning depth of field, accommodating different reading distances
  • Swift and accurate scanning of all barcode types, including blurry and low-contrast ones
  • Robust and durable build, meeting 1.5-metre drop specifications
  • Wireless Bluetooth transmission with a range of 10 metres
  • Automatic switch button and self-sensing scanning mode, enabling effortless free-hand scanning and doubling efficiency.

Element P130BT 2D Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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