Biodegradable PLA RFID Pre-Printed Mifare Classic 1K Cards Pkt 200

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Compostable Polylactic Acid RFID Mifare (Smart card) Classic 1K Pre-printed Cards, Earth Friendly & Biodegradable 

Compostable ECO-Friendly degradable Pre-Printed RFID Mifare Classic 1K cards are made from a new type of bio-based material.  Polylactic acid (PLA) Bio-sourced Eco-friendly cards are made from starch raw materials - (corn, cassava etc).  Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable hydrolyzable aliphatic semicrystalline polyester. PLA cards are similar in durability to other plastic cards, but are a viable, sustainable alternative to PVC plastic cards.   They also help to reduce our plastic footprint as they degrade up to 20 times faster than PVC in landfill.

Custom printed Biodegradable Smart cards take approximately 10 - 15 working days to produce/print. Your logo or colourful design can be printed in full colour on both sides of the card.

  • Size: CR80 85.5mm x 54mm
  • Thickness: 30 mil
  • Made from renewable plant resources
  • Pre-Printed Card
  • Mifare Classic 1K cards
  • Operating In The 13.56MHz Frequency Range With Read/Write Capability
  • ISO 14443 Compliant
  • 1 kByte, organised into 16 sectors 
  • Each card has a unique serial number

Pack: 200

Bulk discounts apply.  Please contact us on 02 9651 6000 for pricing

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