Clear Lockable ID Card Holder plus Key Portrait CH-IDCWHX203


Quantity: 50
Sale price$97.50

Rigid ID Card Holders Lockable Clear, Portrait  - One Key for each Card Holder

Lockable card holders can be locked to help prevent loss or misuse of Staff ID Cards, Visitor cards or Contractor cards etc.  The card holders can only be opened using a key, increasing the security of access and smart cards. Key access can also be restricted to Staff Admin or Authorised Personnel to further reduce the risk of tampering/ loss or theft.

  • Lockable ID Card holders
  • One Key for each Card Holder
  • Clear Lockable Card holder
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Wide 4mm width - can Hold 1 x Clamshell Proximity Cards Plus 2 x CR80 Card or 4 x CR80 Standard Cards

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