ID Card Holder Clear/Frosted Lockable Portrait & one key CH-IDCW509B - Pkt 50


Sale price$127.50

ID Card Holders Premium Lockable Clear/Frosted Portrait + 1 Key - Pkt 50

Lockable card holders require a unique key to be opened and therefore increase the security of access and smart cards. Key access can also be restricted to authorised personnel further reducing the risk of tampering.

  • Keep Your ID Badges Secure With Lockable ID Cardholders
  • 50 Card Holders & 1 Key Per Packet
  • Clear/Frosted ID Cardholder
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Can Hold 1 x Clamshell Proximity Cards Plus 1 x CR80 Card or 3 x CR80 Standard Cards

Packet: 50 Card Holders + 1 Key

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