CardExchange Business V10 - Mifare Smartcard

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CardExchange Business V10 - Mifare Smartcard

CardExchange Business(Ultimate) - Version V10 software boasts all the layout and database tools of the Professional version plus the ability to customize your software with Python Scripting and to create cards with contactless MIFARE  encoding and biometric and ID scan features. Ideal for larger organizations who need to create a highly secure, customized card production program. ID Scan features ad Biometric features

With the CardExchange® Producer Business Edition we offer you unlimited access to all available functionality in one edition without any limitations!

Have access to unlimited database server connections, push-and-pull data from database to database, user our powerful native connections for large database servers, but also have access to popular contactless encoding functionality like MIFARE® Classic support


Card Exchange v9 ManualClick here

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