Bosstab Touch Nexus Universal Tablet Stand

BosstabSKU: M-NexusStd-B

Sale price$195.00

Bosstab Touch Nexus Universal Tablet Stand

The Bosstab Touch Nexus Universal Universal Tablet Stand is a versatile Desktop Tablet stand option with 180° Swivel Movement. The Bosstab Twist is easy to install and has a wide range of movement.

The Nexus stand is designed for use for customer facing Point Of Sale (POS) and kiosk stands. This stand also features a unique magnetic hold at each swivel point to keep your tablet in position. For a fixed option, a position lock is available to disable swivel movement.

The Bosstab Nexus has a minimalist design with no external casing, your iPad or Android device is secured in place using strong 3M adhesives and an additional hex screw lock for added security.   It supports all devices and is secured by 4 strong 3M Command Strip adhesives included with the stand.

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