Adhesive UHF Asset Management Smart Label UCODE 9 Stickers Per Roll of 1000


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Adhesive UHF Asset Management Smart Label UCODE 9 Labels (Roll of 1000)  EPC 96 bits, User 32 bits

UCODE 9 Asses Management Smart Label represents the latest innovation within the NXP UCODE family. UCODE 9 labels excel in even the most demanding RFID tagging scenarios. This technology is particularly well-suited for inventory management applications, such as retail and fashion, baggage tracking, and smart logistics. Its outstanding RF performance, combined with its adaptable form factor, enables long read ranges and swift inventory management, even in environments densely populated with RFID tags.  

  • Read sensitivity -24 dBm
  • Write sensitivity -22 dBm
  • Drop-in replacement to UCODE 8 due to similar assembled input capacitance
  • Long-range solution (up to 6.6 m)
  • Suitable for UHF RFID, allowing one tag to be used worldwide
  • Fast data rate
  • 96-bit unique tag identifier (TID) factory locked, including 48-bit unique serial number
  • Supports pre-serialization of 96-bit EPC
  • 48-bit unique serial number factory-encoded into TID
  • 32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
  • Track along the supply chain from source to store
  • High-speed store checkout process

These Smart Label Stickers can also be printed.  Custom printed UHF Adhesive stickers (not suitable for metal surfaces) take approximately 10 - 15 working days to produce.  Contact IDCW 02 9651 6000 for custom printing pricing and for more info.

Pack: 1000

Smaller quantities available.  Please contact us for pricing on 02 9651 6000

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