ACTAtek MF-ACTA3-1K-P Electronic Staff Time Clock up to 1K Users - Pin Input only


Sale price$988.00


ACTAtek Electronic Staff Time Clock - PIN only Electronic Timeclock - 1000 users is a world –class SSL-Protected Access Control and Time Attendance System.

  • The Actatek Time Clock (Pin only model) can operate either standalone or as part of a network. It includes software which provides valuable Time and Attendance data, with reports on Staff Attendance/ Evacuation Listing, Start and Finish Times, Total Hours of Attendance on screen or exportable in Excel or Word Format. No need to worry about what time employees arrived or left work. 
  • User Friendly Keypad-supporting 4 Function keys to user defined functions, so allowing you to track employee smoko breaks, job codes and departmental movement.
  • Inbuilt software provides Real Time update via your local area network or via the Web providing key information to management of employee movement. All communication between the clock and the web is encrypted to provide total security , allowing you to track employee time and attendance locally or worldwide.
  • Weatherproof Casing for withstanding adverse external environment conditions- IP65 Waterproof rating
  • Optional Communication via: RS-232 / RJ45 / USB / RS485 / Wi-Fi
  • Low cost of purchase - with software installed inside the machine it’s a simple plug in device, no complicated software or ongoing maintenance fees 
  • Embedded software, access just like internet banking using any web browser
  • TLS 1.3 256 bit encrypted communications between units and browser
  • Real-time communications
  • Works in Standalone or Network modes
  • Highly scalable, install one today and thousands tomorrow
  • IP 65 appraised, indoor and outdoor all weather installation
  • Software interface support for simple interface to most software applications
  • 1,000 users
  • Up to 10,000,000 event logs
  • Pin authentication



Description Spec
Built-in Web and Database Server Yes
Non-volatile memory 4GB
Number of users basic 1,000 users can be upgraded to 100,000+
Max transaction records stored 10,000,000
Max photos stored 20,000 (with camera option)
SNMP compliant optional
Static IP address assignment Yes
Dynamic IP address assignment(DHCP) Yes
Backlit LCD Display 2.8” 64K/256K colour TFT screen
Computer supported (with Internet Browser) Mac OS , Windows 7 or above version/ PC /Unix Machine
Valid Characters for Employee ID 0-9, A-C (max. 16 characters)
Authentication Time <1 second
Database interface support ODBC/JDBC
Encryption TLS 1.3
Multilingual support Yes
Network interface 1,000BT Ethernet (Built-in) GSM/GPRS*, Wi-Fi* *Option
Expansion RS-232/RS-485
Programming API SOAP API
Report(TXT/CSV output format supported) Yes
Remote Control(TCP/IP) Yes
Operation Temperature -20ºC-60ºC
Relay support 1x Door strike 1
Case(without built-in PoE module) IP65-fluid ingress, dust, salt, fog protection
Safety Standard CE, FCC, IP65(without built-in PoE)

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