ACTAtek MF-A-1K-FA-SM Electronic Staff Clock- Facial Recognition, Pin & Mifare 1K Users


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ACTAtek Electronic Staff Time Clock - Biometric Unit -  Facial Recognition, Pin and Mifare Card Model -MF-A-1K-FA-SM Up to 1K Users

The Actatek-Mifare now with Facial Recognition, Card Reader and PIN.  Electronic Time clock with Camera for 1000 users is a world –class SSL-Protected Access Control and Time Attendance System using Smart Card Technology.

Improve your Business Security with Actatek's lastest Biometric Facial Recognition units.  Facial Recognition Biometiric Time clocks negates the need for Smartcards or Keyfob log in.  It is a contactless technology as all the employee needs to do is simply look at the unit and it will record the time and date that the employee started work.  It eliminates the chance for employees to "clock in" for someone else.  

Facial recognition is particulary useful for industries or work environments where fingerprints may be unreadable or dirty.

•The Actatek Clock can operate either standalone or as part of a network. It includes software which provides valuable Time and Attendance data, with reports on Staff Attendance/ Evacuation Listing, Start and Finish Times, Total Hours of Attendance on screen or exportable in Excel or Word Format. No need to worry about what time employees arrived or left work
•User Friendly Keypad-supporting 4 Function keys to user defined functions, so allowing you to track employee smoko breaks, job codes, and departmental movement.
•Inbuilt camera allow you to view and confirm that the correct employee has clocked in with the correct card, this can either be in real time video or a captured photo
•Inbuilt software provides Real Time update via your local area network or via the Web providing key information to management of employee movement. All communication between the clock and the web is encrypted to provide total security , allowing you track employee time and attendance locally or worldwide
•Weatherproof Casing for withstanding adverse external environment conditions- IP65 Waterproof rating
•Optional Communication via: RS-232 / RJ45 / USB / RS485 / Wi-Fi
•Low cost of purchase- with software installed inside the machine it’s a simple plug in device, no complicated software or ongoing maintenance fees

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