HP USB Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)


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HP Magnetic Stripe Reader USB (MSR) 3 Track Reader


HP USB Mini Magnetic Strip Reader - MSR Reader with USB interface, with Bracket - 36 Months (3 year) Advance Exchange Warranty Specifically designed for Point of Sale (POS) locations where space is at a premium, the HP USB Mini Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) is a fully intelligent swipe reader that can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit and validate fields of magnetic card data. The HP USB Mini Magnetic Stripe Reader reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe of a magnetic stripe card in any direction. The beeper and LED signal a successful read. It automatically distinguishes between formats. At just 3.5 inches long - about the length of a credit card - the HP USB Mini Magnetic Stripe Reader has a very small footprint. It can be used as a freestanding unit or can be mounted using screws, Velcro, or mounting brackets. The mounting brackets included in the kit allow the MSR to be attached to the HP touch screen monitor or any HP flat panel with the accessory rails.

36 month warranty

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