We have some fantastic savings on ID Accessories this month but it is not always easy establishing which accessory best suits our needs!

Here are a few considerations when deciding whether a badge reel, lanyard, clip or armband would be the best attachment for your ID Cards.

  • Environment - safety is the most important consideration when choosing a badge accessory and while lanyards are popular in office, education and medical type environments, they may be inappropriate in an industrial setting.
  • Accessibility - is accessibility to the ID Card an important factor? Does the card need to be quickly and easily accessed to swipe at a checkpoint or pass by a card reader?
  • Identification & Security - does the ID Badge need to be visible for easy identification? Would customised lanyards assist with security and identification of employees vs visitors/contractors in the workplace? Is the ID Card required for access via proximity or is it purely for visual identification?

Please don't forget that we are here and happy to answer any questions that may arise, simply give us a call on 02 9651 6000.