Need a printer to print Plastic ID Cards or Event cards?  Look no further than the  Magicard 300 ID Single Sided Card Printer 

Why the Magicard 300 you may ask?

The Magicard 300 can print up to 10,000 cards per year, with a full colour single-sided card printing in under 23 seconds. Monochrome cards take fewer than 6 seconds.
The Magicard 300 has some great security features too, like digital shredding which means printed information is fragmented and not stored in the printer. You can also print an anti-fraud watermark (Holokote) on your cards so that they can’t be easily copied.

Check out our online December Sale for the Magicard 300 Single Sided Printer and associated consumables today and you could be printing ID Cards in-house sooner than you think.